Laser marking engraving

NOUALASER Unique Configurations, NOUALASER Quality Inspection, high-quality and high-stability. ommon Marking / Engraving on Metal Materials As Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper;Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass Color Marking (MOPA);2.5D/3D Engraving.UV, RF Marking Machines Common Marking on Most Non-Metal Materials

             Fiber marking machine

Fiber marking machine(2.5D)
Fiber marking machine(MOPA)

             UV marking machine

             CO2 marking machine

             Fiber marking machine

Fiber marking machine(2.5D)
Fiber marking machine(MOPA)

             UV marking machine

             CO2 marking machine

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Smart 2

Fully Upgrade (More Accuracy & Stable, Faster & Higher Effiecient)Upgrade: Buttom; Galvo System; Control Card;Package (Double Package); Service (Free shipping & no customs tax for USA countries)Quality Guarantee: 3 Years Real Warranty

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Motorized-Z UP DOWN

  • Built-in motor for added safety
  • Makes it easier to use without having to manually rotate the

6 in Inline fans

  • Super quiet(35dB)Keeps you quiet while you work in the studio.
  • Super suction power, dust removal

360° rotation

  • Front and rear slides
  • Increase the working area
  • Increase the height of the workpiece to be used

Independent R&D

  • Excellent durability
  • Al AluminumAlloy Body
  • OriginalMachine Casing(research&develop)
  • Aluminum Support Pegs
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CO2 engraving & cutting machine

High Speed Rail collocation LeadShine Hybrid-Servo Motors reaches 1,000mm/s (39"/second)
Smart Air : Double air assist system with low Psi & high Psi,Air pump 5-7psi included.
S&A CW-5200 Chiller
6 in Inline fans Include LightBurn
no-water protection
2 hr 1V1 remote training online

Half the price,Three times the function

At NOUALASER, we are committed to innovating the production of powerful and reliable machines that provide the highest quality cutting and laser engraving capabilities. Our product range produces outstanding results with consistent reliability and customer satisfaction.

How do I choose a machine?

Fiber marking machine SERIES: Standard Marking & partly Engraving on Most Metal Materials

MOPA SERIES: Faster Marking & Engraving on Most Metal Materials+ brass+Titanium & Stainless Steel Color Marking (Have high contrast andaccuracy on metal materials )

2.5D SERIES: 2.5D deep carving+precise metal cutting without distortion.

UV SERIES:Especially suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment , etc so on non-metal materials (more effective )

CO2 SERIES: Most non -metallic materials such as standard marks and carvings of woody acrylics

Please send us an email or instant message ( with your materials and expected results, with sample pictures or videos.

How Long is the delivery time?

1. Marking machine
Machines: 7-14 working days for China warehouse, 5-7 working days for US warehouse.
Customized machine: 7-10 working days lead time. Shipping 7-14 business days.

2.CO2 engraving machine
Conventional models (9060, 1390): It takes 5 working days for the Chinese warehouse to stock up. Shipping times vary depending on the shipping method chosen. US warehouse takes 7-14 days to arrive.
Unconventional models: It takes 15 working days to prepare the goods, and the transportation time varies according to the selected transportation method.

3. Welding machine/cleaning machine
China warehouse needs 7-14 to arrive. US warehouse 5-7 working days to arrive.

Note that US warehouses support self-collection

What quality guarantee after purchase?

Our machines all have 3 years real warranty. If there is a problem, first our technicians will contact you to find out what the problem is. If the problem is caused by the machine itself, except for the wearing parts, it will be replaced for free.

How to solve your return policy and shipping policy, payment and tariff issues?

Thank you for purchasing products from our store! we accept returns requests from customers within 30 days of order delivery.

In all cases, returns and refunds must be confirmed in advance with our after-sales support team before the process begins. The refund you receive may be less than the amount you paid due to loss of shipping and handling fees.

Return/Refund after shipment delivered:

You will need to return the product at your own expense and your refund will be approved once we have received the returned product.