OD7+ 1064nm Laser Safety Face Shield
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Title :
Laser Safety Face Shield

Some situations require more than just laser goggles, and the Laser Safety Face Shield is designed for jobs that require more protection than laser goggles, such as handheld laser welding machines. The mask features a ratcheting adjustable neck strap for a custom fit. Made of durable nylon. Swivel action allows the user to lift the mask while wearing it. The laser shield complies with the CE EN207 standard.

Performance features.
1, 110mm x 90mm large size visual, wide field of view, easy to observe.

2、Laser protection window on the outside and full transparent glass on the inside to achieve double protection. When the laser equipment stops working, it can be used as a conventional protective mask.

3、The laser protection window is flip-up type, can be turned up separately, without turning up the whole mask, can be fully transparent observation.

4、The laser protection window and the transparent protection glass are fixed by spring, which is simple and quick to replace.

5、Three-way adjustment design, suitable for a variety of head-shaped people. Front sponge, sweat-absorbing and breathable, comfortable to wear.